My name is Tina Kurucz and I am an Animal Communicator, Reiki Practitioner and Angel Card Reader.  


I started my spiritual journey in helping others by performing angel card readings for friends and family.  I enjoy doing angel cards as they assist me to connect with spirit and allow me to assist others to find clarity and/or closure in their lives.


As a child I was able to see and sense spirit and for most of my life, I have been able to connect with animals and have been able to sense what they needed.  


In 2012 I heard about “Animal Communication” courses that were taught by Georgina Cyr.  After attending the courses, I found I was able to properly focus my gifts and skills in connecting with animals, both past and present.   I could see and feel what they felt!  This allowed me to be able to communicate information between pets and their owners.  This was an amazing experience!  I then completed courses, offered by Georgina Cyr, on Iridology for humans and animals.  These courses allowed me to further assist into aiding people, as well as animals, on their path to health and well being.

A Few Words About Me

In 2015, my quest for spiritual knowledge led me to register and complete classes in Reiki.   I am now currently a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, working with both people and animals, and I am looking forward to becoming a Reiki Master.  I feel that my Reiki skills meld beautifully with my card reading and animal communication skills and help me to connect and bring clarity to my readings.


I feel that life is an amazing journey and by having an open accepting attitude of the world and all of its inhabitants is what makes this an amazing place to live.