An animal communicator is a person who can understand an animal's feelings and pain, who can "see" some of the animal's experiences, or who is able to communicate with those loved companions who have passed on.  Communicating with an animal is a two way process.  This requires a sender and a receiver.  Not every animal is open to communicate freely with an animal communicator.   They may not be ready to share their feelings.  On the other side, some animals are very “talkative”, and can communicate their needs readily. 













An animal communicator practices and hones their natural ability to be able to connect with our animal companions.  Once that connection is made, the animals’ feelings, attitudes and experiences as well as other sensations such as smell and taste can be “experienced” by the communicator.  The communicator can in turn, describe these images and sensations in words to owners so they can understand the animals' feelings, troubles and concerns.

As an animal communicator, I will be preforming the animal communication at your request.   My intentions are always of a higher purpose.  I am here to assist both you and your animal companion, with no judgment or opinion of the communication.  I believe an animal communication must only be performed for the higher good.  An animal communication must be of a helpful nature, to do good, to assist one to move forward in a positive way, and to allow healing, whether it be physical, energetic, emotional or spiritual.

I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose a disease.  I simply connect with the animal to inquire about their concerns and your concerns, and enable you to receive the message intended for you, with the sincere hope that this is helpful to you both.

During a communication I usually conduct a body scan of the animal to see if there are any physical discomforts.  Then I ask if I can deliver a message to their human or to pass on a message from their human to them.  I request that the owner supply me with a list of questions/concerns and I attempt to get the answers to the best of the abilities of all parties involved.

At times animals go missing, causing distress to their owners and stress on the animal.  If the animal is willing to accept my assistance and connect, I will attempt to get a sense of where they may be or the paths they have traveled.  Unfortunately, at times, the animal may have passed away while they are away from their loved ones.  My ability to connect and feel the physical body of the animal through a distant connection can give me a view in how they may have passed.

I prefer to conduct my session from a photo of the animal so that I am not influenced by any physical limitations I may view from the animal.  I require the animal’s and owner’s name as well as city of residence.  I can e-mail a report to the requesting owner, send the report via Facebook instant message or by phone.

Animal Communication

"I usually connect with the animal and receive images and impressions of what the animal may have seen or what it is feeling. I can only relay to you my interpretation of the images, emotions and feelings from your pet.  By relaying these images to you, it is important for us to work together, to try to make sense of the information that is received from the animal.  Even though some of the images may not make sense to me, I have found that owners are able to get a clearer understanding of where their animal may be or what they require."